X Factor host Caroline Flack has shared a picture of her 'broken arm' - and it'll make you shudder

It’s her job to chat to X Factor hopefuls as they try to get their big break – and now Caroline Flack has a big ‘break’ all of her own.

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Sharing the (kinda sickening) snap above, Caroline wrote: ‘Shout out my broken arm. NO JOKE.’

OUCH. Anyone else feeling a little queasy looking at it?

Caroline’s fans were quick to send messages of support, with one commenting: ‘Hope you will be fine soon!’

Another added, ‘That looks horrendous!! Hope your well [sic],’ whilst another wrote: ‘OUCH! Get to hospital and get yourself sorted!’

Whilst there’s no word yet on just how Caroline ended up with arm at that freaky angle or how long it will take to heal, reps have confirmed that it’s not in fact broken but badly bruised – and the timing couldn’t be worse.

There’s little more than two weeks left until The X Factor live shows start, meaning there’s not much time for Caroline’s arm to heal before she has to perform her co-hosting duties alongside Olly Murs.

The injury will no doubt put a dampener on Caroline’s elation after launching her autobiography, Storm in a C Cup, this week too.

In it, she reveals how she was a stalking victim in 2012.

This terrifying part of her life came about when Caroline’s star was rising – she was the new The Xtra Factor host and everyone was fascinated by her romance with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

It all started when an email sent to one of her friends by a man called Peter claimed Caroline was ‘perpetually telling me that she loves me’.

According to Caroline’s book Peter said: ‘Every night for the last two months, I’ve been thinking about coming and getting her.’

Scary stuff – but still not as scary as that broken arm picture!