Ordinary Boys singer has given his name to the nation

Not so long ago it was just a city in Lancashire.

Now a pop star turned reality show contestant has ensured that the name Preston is the 304th favourite baby boys’ name of 2006, rising 1,354 places from last year.

While Preston is the fastest-rising name for a boy, Ruby now takes that honour for the girls – at 12th place, up 45 places from 2005.

The list is compiled by baby marketing firm Bounty, which hands out packs of new products for mothers.

Jack is the no 1 name for a boy for the 12th consecutive year, while Jessica knocks last year’s Ellie off the top spot.

The names Bluebell – as chosen for her daughter by Geri Halliwell – Sienna and Victoria also made the list.

Bounty boss Simon Williamson tells the Daily Star: ‘Parents are becoming more adventurous with girls’ names and take their inspiration from all kinds of sources including celebrities. When it comes to boys’ names, it seems we are far more conservative.’

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