Peter Andre is racking up hubby points pretty fast!

Peter Andre is certainly proving what a good husband he is – by cooking new wife Emily MacDonagh a meal following her first day at work on Monday.

Emily, 25, started her new job as a doctor after years of training, leaving Peter at home with the couple’s 19-month-old daughter Amelia and Pete’s two kids, Junior, 10, and Princess, eight.

After Now tweeted Pete saying: ‘We hope you’re treating Emily to a nice dinner after her first day as a doctor, @MrPeterAndre,’ the man himself replied with;

I did 🙂 she came home to a wonderful home cooked meal and three kids :))))).’

Well, isn’t Emily THE luckiest wife in the world right now? Not only is she married to Peter Andre, but she’s also being cooked for after a long hard day at work.

Living the dream!

So what did Pete cook?

Well, whilst we’re not 100 per-cent sure, we may have a slight inkling.

When Now caught up with the singer a few weeks back at the Iceland press day, he told us the dish that he loves to cook Emily.

‘Make the pan boiling boiling hot, you drop your veggies in so they sear really quickly- they look a bit burnt on top but they’re not, and you put that as a bed, all these different vegetables and then you put fish on top, and then you put sweet chilli sauce on the side, some scallops…it’s a meal I would never have tried and I love it,’ said Pete.


Seems like Pete, 42, is a bit of a pro in the kitchen.

‘I do a lot of cooking at home. I don’t like packaged and even the sauces, I like making them from scratch,’ revealed the TV presenter.

After Pete tweeted that he’d cooked Emily a meal, fans of the star were more than impressed.

One twitter user said:

@MrPeterAndre she’s so lucky xx.

Another said:

@MrPeterAndre @NowMag Oh get you!! Where can I find myself a Peter Andre clone!? Xxxxxx.

Err, we were kinda thinking the same thing!


Cheeky! Peter Andre reveals to Now the food that gets him in the mood for love with new wife Emily Macdonagh!