Being dumped on national TV is pretty humiliating, so when Now meets Pete Wicks in a Mayfair bar, we’re not sure what to expect...

It’s the day after he’s been blasted by Megan McKenna’s parents on TOWIE for sending text messages to other girls – and he’s pretty down, spending the best part of our interview hiding his face behind his flat cap.

He’s joined by his best friend from the show, James Lock, with whom he has signed up to become Ann Summers’ new male celebrity ambassador.

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On TOWIE, Pete’s announced he still loves Megan and he wants her back – but are his protestations just crocodile tears or the real deal?

Pete, you look so down.

I’m alright – I’m just focused on getting Megan back.

How did you feel after Megan’s family had a pop at you?

Pete: I don’t feel hard done by at all; what’s happened has happened. Getting Megan back is where my future is.

Lockie: Listen, he’s being a man about it, he doesn’t want any sympathy from anyone. He’s said ‘I’ve f**ked up’, he’s taken it on the chin and he’s trying to put it right. In a way, this happening has made him realise how much Megan means to him so there is a positive from it. Everyone deserves a second chance, we’re only human and no one is perfect – except for me!

Pete, what will you do to get Megan to forgive you?

Pete: I will do everything I can. I do love the girl and hopefully that’s gonna be enough for us to get back together.

Lockie: Well, you both love each other – what more do you need?

Pete: It’s going to take a lot of time but I’ve got all the time in the world because I’m not going anywhere.

How will you get her to trust you again?

You’ll have to wait and see.

Was it hard taking that telling off from Megan’s mum?

No, it’s fair. Obviously, a mum is always going to look after her daughter. Her family has been really good to me and I’ve always got on so well with them. Every action has a reaction and that is kind of a reaction that I think is fair.


Do you both hate the drama of on-screen relationships?

Lockie: There are pros and cons. It’s hard, but you have to take the bad times with the good. Having been through it, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Pete is going through a hard time at the minute, and while it might not seem like it because it’s still very fresh and there’s a lot going on, I see a positive outcome for him and Megan.

Pete: I think the hardest thing is the scrutiny from other people, people who are irrelevant and don’t know the situation but just want to give their opinion.

What do you both want in your Christmas stockings this year?

Pete: Megan, there you go.

Lockie: I’d like some Ann Summers handcuffs. I love them.

Is Ann Summers somewhere men can shop?

Lockie: Men lack confidence in any woman’s store, so I feel with Ann Summers the staff are approachable which is a massive factor for men.

Pete and Lockie are the first male celebrity ambassadors for Ann Summers. ‘Plockie’ will launch the brand’s sexiest Christmas ever, in stores and, from 1 November.