This TOWIE star is out to do some good...

Pete Wicks might spend his days looking hunkier than ever on TOWIE, but now it seems as though he’s heading in a different direction.

The reality star has revealed he’s going to South Korea to shut down a dog farm!


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Pete took to Instagram on Monday to reveal his upcoming plans to save the animals.

He shared a heartbreaking photo of a distressed looking dog and wrote: I am so honoured to announce that I will be travelling to South Korea with @hsiglobal @hsiukorg to help shut down a DOG MEAT farm.’

‘It is something that is very close to my heart and an absolute privilege to be able to use my voice for those that can’t …please help the team and I however big or small by donating whatever you can using this link: or click the link in my bio’

And fans of the TOWIE star couldn’t help but praise him for his charitable work, with one user writing: ‘This sent shivers down my spine, in a positive way! Thank you so so so much for what you do to help these innocent souls!’

A second wrote: ‘Love dogs, love the Essex show but more I love what your doing by using your status to educate people on the plight of animals around the globe. Safe travels & good luck from Australia.’

While a third added: ‘Absolutely amazing! Well done you… Animal cruelty must be stopped.’

After his rocky split from ex girlfriend Megan McKenna amid claims she cheated on him with her ex boyfriend Harry Eden – claims she has denied -, it’s no surprise that Pete wants to turn his mind to something else.

And what better cause than saving the animals.

Well done Pete!