Peter Andre has been one busy daddy!


Peter Andre is one seriously doting daddy and has been super busy looking after his three children whilst new wife Emily MacDonagh, 25, heads off to work. Top husband right there!

Last month, after years of training, Emily started her new job as a doctor, leaving Pete in charge of their daughter one-year-old Amelia and Pete’s two kids from his previous marriage to Katie Price, Junior, 10, and Princess, eight.

Speaking about his chaotic life, Pete, 42, revealed:

‘Emily went back to work last week. I was busy filming a new Iceland advert, recording in the studio and a doing a voice-over for a new ITV show, but when I wasn’t working I was at home – and it was chaos!’

He added: ‘Between looking after all three kids and cleaning and cooking, I felt like Mrs Doubtfire!’

We reckon Pete would look good in a grey wig and glasses a la Robin Williams!

As we reported last week, Pete made a tasty spaghetti Bolognese for his new wife after her first day at work.

Writing in his column for New magazine, Pete added:

‘It wasn’t out of a jar, I can assure you! I made everything from scratch and it was delicious!’

We bet it was!

Pete’s going to be even busier soon as he has just signed a worldwide deal with Warner Music, admitting that he’s ‘thrilled’.

‘Signing on the dotted line and cracking open a bottle of champers afterwards is something I’ll always remember,’ wrote Pete, adding: ‘Who would have thought 20 years after Mysterious Girl I’d be signed to one of the biggest music labels in the world?’

Our thoughts exactly. So what can we expect this time?

‘I’ll be working with some amazing musicians, and Michael Buble’s writers, and I’m hoping to have an album out by the end of the year,’ revealed Pete who also added that as well as some brand new tracks, the album will include classic covers of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Eeek! We certainly can’t wait for that!


Perfect husband or what? Peter Andre cooked wife Emily a home made dinner after her first official day working as a doctor