Think they're only talking through lawyers? Think again, as Pete quietly reaches out to Jordan


The public battle between Peter Andre and Jordan has taken a dramatic turn – and it could be the turning point many have hoped for.

Now can reveal that Pete has started sending secret texts to his ex.

It’s a shock about-turn, especially after Pete, 36, recently said he’d ignored love texts Jordan, 31, sent to him.

But the truth is the devastated singer could no longer resist communicating directly with his ex, confiding only in his brother Mike that: I still have strong feelings for her.’

A source within Pete‘s camp explains: Katie was stunned when the first texts came through.

‘But he was doing it out of raw emotion. He’s still saying: “Why did I split this family apart?” as if he can’t believe it’s really happened.

The texts will be a complete shock to his management, but he’s fed up.

‘He’s sick of going through lawyers and being told what to do by everyone.’

Although the lines of communication are now open, insiders say it’ll still take a long time for Peter and Katie to at least get on as friends and parents.

However, the texts from Pete show that – underneath all the game playing – there are true feelings which haven’t yet gone away.

Our source adds: Kate has always texted Pete. She doesn’t care what the lawyers say and doesn’t see the problem with it. Kate‘s in contact with all of her exes and doesn’t want Pete to be an exception.
She loves him and he still loves her. Pete‘s had his fingers burned by walking out and has pangs of regret. It’s too late because they’ll be officially divorced in two weeks, but they’re both doing it with heavy hearts.’

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Chris White New Editor