Peter Andre had a tough time with bullies after moving to Australia

Strictly Come Dancing’s Peter Andre used to get beaten up after school, he admitted in a heartfelt interview. The cruel bullies, who targeted Peter because of his Greek-Italian background, left the star covered in cuts and bruises when he returned home to his family.

‘I was picked on. I got beaten up a lot,’ he told The Times, speaking about his childhood. Moving to Australia from London when he was just six years out, Peter felt like an outcast at school. ‘There were no Greeks or Italians, just these blonde-haired beautiful-looking people at school in Oz.’ It must have been really tough for you, Peter.


It’s hard to believe the handsome singer could have ever been made to feel this way – but it turns out he was filled with crippling insecurity when he was growing up: ‘I remember my brother Mike telling me loads of times,”I love you man, but what makes you think you’re going to make it? There are so many better musicians, dancers and performers out there, why do you think it’s going to be you?” And I couldn’t really give him an answer.’

Despite his feelings of self-doubt, inspirational Peter Andre – who to this day thinks of himself as ‘no more talented than the guy next door’ – used his music as a way to cope with the bullying he experienced at school. ‘I would visualise myself being on stage in front of a sell-out crowd,’ he explained.

The talented star is soon to do just that, with his upcoming tour Come Swing With Me, which begins in February next year. Not to mention the two million copies his  hit ‘Mysterious Girl’ record has sold over the years… Looks like the hard work paid off! We bet the bullies are feeling very silly, now.