We're running a half marathon for charity - please sponsor us


The Now team normally gets its exercise running after Peter Andre for our latest scoop or dashing round the shops to style our celebrity shoots.

But now we’re taking time out to give back.

While most of us haven’t run more than a bath, 11 of us have been

training for London’s Royal Parks Foundation half marathon on 7 October

to raise money for the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.

And Peter Andre is leading the way in supporting us saying: ‘To all at Now, good luck for your half marathon!

‘Keep up your fluids up – drink plenty of water. It’s a great cause. You guys rock!’

News Editor Jessica Boulton reveals why it’s such a great cause…

Jess’s story

When you say rheumatoid arthritis, most people think of OAPs with stiff fingers and creaky bones – but I learnt first hand that’s far from the truth.

My mum Sue used to be an incredibly active Harley-Davidson biker and often walked miles every day.

Then one day in October 2009, she woke in the early hours with her whole body in spasm.

For months she couldn’t walk, get up or down stairs, or even hold a cup of tea.

After several tests doctors confirmed it was rheumatoid arthritis.

Far from ‘creaky bones’, it’s a heartbreaking condition – a chronic autoimmune disease where the body turns on itself, affecting joints and organs.

And it can attack anyone at any age, at any time.

My mum, who’s 60 now, has a higher pain tolerance than anyone I know, but the agony of RA can be indescribable.

One night I had to call 999 begging them to bring her morphine.

The lack of understanding about the disease makes it even harder.

That’s why we’re running for the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, which works tirelessly to raise awareness and has given tremendous support to my mum and others like her, including women in their twenties and younger.

I’ve barely exercised since I did PE at school but I’m doing this for all those who can’t run themselves.

To sponsor us, visit our sponsorship page here – and if you type in ‘From Now Reader’ and your name, you’ll get a special mention in the mag when we reveal the grand total raised.

If you’d rather remain anonymous, that’s fine!

And support Now by Tweeting your favourite running song to @NowMag.

Read more about our marathon run in Now magazine dated 8 October 2012 – out now!