Pippa was accompanied by new husband James Matthews

Whether they’d like to admit it or not, no bride or groom wants to be upstaged on their wedding day.

Be it with a choice of outfit, causing a spectacle at the ceremony, or getting engaged themselves at the wedding, the guests shouldn’t do anything to detract attention – and there’s an unwritten code of conduct for all in that position.

Newlywed Pippa Middleton should know exactly what we’re talking about – but there are fears she may have broken wedding guest protocol at her friend’s wedding in Stockholm, less than a MONTH after her own nuptials!

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Pippa and new hubby James Matthews attended the wedding of entrepreneur friend Jöns Bartholdson to Anna Ridderstad in Stockholm on Saturday (10th June).

However, it seems as if she went against traditional guest protocol with her choice of outfit for the upscale event – by wearing a WHITE dress!

Of course, this is very often the colour of the gown worn by the bride, and it’s widely considered to be a major faux pas for a wedding guest to wear a white dress as well… and gorgeous though it may be, Pippa’s dress is mainly white!

However, some may say that Pippa escapes fully breaking the rules, due to her dress having black panels and a floral pattern.

James wasn’t quite as adventurous with his choice, luckily – and opted for a tuxedo with a white bow tie, suggesting that the dress code was white tie. At least one of them definitely played by the rules, eh?

However, it’s doubtful that Pippa’s dress caused any sort of a rift with the newly-married couple, as the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge and entrepreneur Jöns have been friends  for years – in fact, they spent her 32nd birthday (2015) together, completing a tough endurance race side-by-side.

At the very least, she looks stunning – so at least the pictures from the day can be ones to look back on fondly!