And it was all after the One Direction star had been partying it up on a student night where drinks cost £1!

The prospect of parenthood is a daunting one! But one man who isn’t letting it phase him is One Direction star Louis Tomlinson.

He’s expecting a baby in January with friend Brianna Jungwirth but this man is making sure he gets his fill of partying before 4am nappy changes replace those 4am staggering-home-to bed moments.


According to the Sun the One Direction star enjoyed a wild night out in Newcastle on Monday, following One Direction’s gig in the city but was then ‘kicked out’ of a plush hotel at 4am for trashing his room.

Apparently, Louis was seen ‘staggering about looking drunk and clutching a bottle of booze’ as he arrived at Malmaison Hotel in Newcastle, where his bandmates were reportedly not staying, before security kicked him out for allegedly trashing his room.

A source has told the paper: ‘They were kicked out at 4am by security who were aware of the incident and were absolutely furious. He ran out of the hotel carrying all of his clothes and another bottle of booze. A waiting car drove him to the band’s tour bus,’ with the insider claiming that Louis ended up sleeping on the bus for the night.


This was after him and his mates had headed to a student night at Digital – a club which costs 80p to get in and the drinks are £1. And if anyone has ever been to a student night on a Monday in Newcastle (we have), you’ll know that it is BIG. Tuesday is NOT your friend, either!

This comes after he branded a reporter a ‘little sh*it’ last week and who can forget ‘joint-gate’ when him and Zayn were filmed sparking up a suspicious looking cigarette while One Direction were on tour in South America a few years back?!

We hope you tapped up Greggs for a hangover sausage roll, Louis.

WOW – Check out Zayn Malik’s changing face! 


Lydia Southern