Now's life guru Katie Piper loves writing her weekly column


Now columnist Katie Piper was delighted to share the happy news of her pregnancy with us first this weekend.

After having her 12-week scan, she’s so excited that now she wants the world to know.

‘I’ve had an incredible amount of support from the readers,’ Katie, 30, tells us, ‘and I wanted to be able to let them know as soon as could that I’m expecting my first baby.

‘So many people have helped me through hard times and I’m so happy that I’m able to share some good news too.’

TV presenter Katie, who moved in with her boyfriend in March, is suffering from morning sickness. But she can’t wait to be a mum.

‘I love children and I’d always hoped I’d be able to have a family. I’m so excited,’ says Katie.

‘I’ve always known that I have wanted children but there were moments after what happened to me that I never thought this would happen, I never believed this would be my future. It’s beyond incredible.’

‘I just want to shout it from the rooftops.’

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