The arrival of Steph's baby boy is getting VERY close!

Stephanie Davis has been keeping us all updated throughout her pregnancy and now she’s hinted that her baby boy’s arrival is getting seriously close!

The actress, 23, revealed to her Twitter followers on Tuesday evening that she’s packed her bag for when she gives birth, meaning she’s all set to go into hospital when the moment comes. Eek!


Jeremy McConnell goes speed dating as Stephanie Davis prepares for birth

Steph revealed the news after giving an update on her unborn son following her final growth scan, where she learned that he’s all ready to make his entrance.

‘He’s all good to go. So exciteddd!’ the former Hollyoaks star Tweeted. ‘Head down and comfy. Ive arrived at my favourite place mother care…… Time to get my bag ready’

It sounds like Steph achieved her goal too, as she later told her fans that she was busy getting her items prepared after a chilled out evening.

The expectant star wrote: ‘Lush Bubble bath. Feeling Relaxed. Hope you all had a Brill day!Im Sorting my Hospital bag out. So excited, big smile on my face’

Awww. And as if that wasn’t enough, Steph has also ensured she’s totally prepared for the birth by getting her house ready for her little one’s arrival.

‘Can’t believe everything’s all ready, and I’ve done it ALL!’ she posted. ‘absolutely everything.. !Been tiring but I’ve done it! Last nursery bits’

Well done, Steph! The star’s followers have been showing their support following her exciting news and think Steph has done well to sort everything on her own.

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‘you should be so proud of yourself well done steph excited for you,’ one fan commented, whilst another added: ‘you’ve done yourself proud ! You stepped up as soon as you found out you were pregnant! Working hard to provide for your boy!’

It comes as Steph gets ready to be a single mum as she’s still estranged from ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, who she says is the father of her child despite his denials.

Looks like it won’t be long before we get to meet baby Davis!