Couple Preston and Chanelle Houghton met on Celebrity Big Brother back in 2006

There’s endless things that we love from the noughties – the velvet fashion, the highlighted hair, the frosted lipgloss – and of course, celeb power couple of the time, Preston and Chantelle Houghton.


Yeahhhh – you remember? He was in the band Ordinary Boys, she joined him in the Celebrity Big Brother house but wasn’t actually a celeb – PLOT TWIST!

He was none the wiser, and in that vintage showbiz year of 2006, one of the best love stories of our time was born.

Sadly it wasn’t meant to be. The pair got married after seven months together, but they split less than a year later. Even after Preston stormed off of Never Mind the Buzzcocks to defend his wife’s honour. Yep. That happened.

But now it seems like that those feelings are still there!

‘Oh, you know, you never lose those feelings. She’s a kind-hearted soul.’

Our noughties heart is a-fluttering.

Speaking about their ‘show-mance’ marriage, the singer said that ‘it was a whirlwind of nonsense, the calm moments among the storm that we had together were great.’

And to give us more hope, the pair are STILL in contact with one another!

Preston (that’s actually his last name you know? His real name is Samuel Preston!) said that they still call each other up to ‘have a little gossip now and again.’

Could there be a reunion back on the cards? All we need is Kermit to get back together with Miss. Piggy and all will be right in the world again.