Royal's life to be made into film


Prince Harry‘s life story is to be made into a movie.

Director Peter Kosminsky will be taking the young royal‘s tale to the silver screen.

The film, which is to be called The Spare, is in the very early stages and casting has not yet begun.

‘My personal approach as a director is that I read the script, and people start to pop into my head,’  says Peter.

The film will chart Harry‘s life from losing his mother, Princess Diana, to becoming a hero on the front-line.

‘His parents break up in the most spectacularly public way, his mother dies in the most tragic and again, public way and everything is picked over.

‘He’s born to no role, the heir and the spare.’

The director believes Harry, 25, has found his purpose serving his country.

‘Suddenly he finds himself alongside ordinary guys,’ Peter tells the Daily Mail.

‘He’s immersed, in the most acute circumstances, in the real world… and for the first time in his life he doesn’t feel like a spare part.’

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Lorraine Crowther