Royal doesn't want to rush into marriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton are back together but they won’t heading up the aisle any time soon.

‘William is very happy at the moment and everything is great with him and Kate,’ confirms a pal.

‘But if William has his way there probably won’t be a wedding until July 2009 when he finishes all his military training commitments.’

The 25-year-olds first got together in 2003 after meeting at St Andrews University in Scotland.

They split up in April this year because Kate reportedly wanted a commitment and since their reconciliation in August, an engagement announcement has been anticipated.

‘As long as Wills behaves himself, Kate will be happy to wait,’ a source tells the Mail On Sunday. ‘She’s young and in love, but also not in a hurry to get married.’

Guess we’ll have to watch this space…