After nearly two years of marriage Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh are still going strong

Professor Green has quashed rumours of him and Millie Mackintosh splitting up.

The rapper and his wife – who got hitched in September 2013 – haven’t been photographed together that much recently but Pro insists this is because of his dislike of the spotlight rather than a reflection on the state of their marriage.

‘It’s funny whenever there’s press about me and Millie not being together,’ the 31-year-old says.

‘The truth is I don’t really want to go out and have a camera shoved in my face all the time.

‘I’m getting too long in the tooth and I don’t want any pictures of me battering a pap. That’s for Liam Gallagher.’

Pro, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, also admits to the Daily Star that he’s keen not to live out his marriage to 26-year-old Millie in the public eye.

The couple apparently had marriage counselling earlier this year but it sounds like they’re stronger than ever and Pro is feeling very content.

Just a week ago they both shared a cute photo taken from their wedding day at Somerset’s Babington House, which shows them cuddling up on a swing in a scenic location.

‘#FBF sitting on a swing covered in roses with my ❤️#babingtonhouse #wedding,’ loved-up Millie Mackintosh captioned the photo. Awww!

The former Made In Chelsea star and her man clearly value their independence though and were both in very different places over the weekend.

Whilst Pro hung out with Lewis Hamilton at the Belgian Grand Prix, Millie headed to V Festival in Chelmsford.

The reality star, who had a VIP pass to the festival’s Virgin Media Louder Lounge, definitely made the most of the free bar at the event and was seen looking a little worse for wear on Saturday evening.

In fact, she wasn’t even allowed into the exclusive Mahiki Lounge.

An insider at the festival said: ‘Security wouldn’t let Millie into Mahiki as she’d had too much to drink. The PR team had to actually pick Millie up in a buggy and take her back to her tent.’

Oops! Well, it happens to the best of us, Millie!

Former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh refused entry into exclusive V Festival area after making the most of a free bar

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