Amid rumours of rows, Kim Kardashian's warned to keep her wits about her


Kanye West is in for a real earbashing from Kim Kardashian – and it seems she has fate on her side.

Pregnant Kim, 32, was already furious with her baby daddy over his stubborn decision to stay in Paris recording an album instead of spending time with her and their unborn child.

And now she’s even more angry after a psychic told her not to trust Kanye, 35.

While in Greece filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim visited renowned Greek fortune-teller Phaedra – but when it came to her love life, the predictions weren’t rosy.

A source tells us: ‘Kim‘s at a huge crossroads in her life and wanted to hear a bit about what might happen with Kanye and the baby.

‘But the psychic shook her head a lot and seemed very concerned about Kim‘s future.

‘She told her to rethink putting so much trust in people who didn’t deserve it – and Kim interpreted the reading to be about Kanye.

‘She was already an emotional wreck but she’s even worse now.’

Read more about Kim Kardashian in Now magazine dated 13 May 2013 – out now!  


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