Are these two about to be reunited in an unexpected fashion?

Nicola McLean made a sensational entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother house as one of the All Stars on Tuesday night but it could have been even MORE explosive if a certain Katie Price had been going in too!

The glamour model has opened up about her feud with Pricey in an interview carried out just hours before her arrival into CBB and admitted that things once got out of hand between them, despite the fact that she’s always been a fan of Katie.


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‘I’m gutted she’s not in the house, I love Katie Price,’ says Nicola, 35. ‘I’ve always said it from day one, Katie’s my idol.

‘She decided to slag me off and it made it nasty between us which is a real shame and I wish it never happened.’

Things turned sour between Nicola and Katie, 38, when the Pricey slammed her in 2008 by saying Nic ‘didn’t get anywhere as a glamour model’.

Then a year later the pair apparently came to blows at Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner’s wedding when Nicola criticised Katie’s singing.

Thankfully they’ve since patched things up, with Nicola telling The Sun Online: ‘She’s our best glamour model, I think she’s fabulous. She’s a bloody icon.

‘We’re absolutely fine now.’

[GIF] Katie Price Being Mum

Phew, we’re glad to hear that! Nicola – who first appeared on CBB back in January 2012 – is so keen on Katie these days that she’d actually like them to work together when she leaves the house.

The mum-of-two has got her sights set on joining the Loose Women panel and fancies fronting a saucier spin-off of the programme with Pricey.

‘They need to do a late night version of Loose Women with me and Katie Price. I’m up for doing a late one,’ says Nicola.

‘I used to do a show for Loaded TV called Looser Women that was on late at night and instead of drinking tea we were drinking wine.

‘Me and Kate should do one of those and it’ll be unbelievable! All the men in the world would be scared of me and Kate!’

C’mon ITV, make it happen!