You HAVE to see what actors Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd Wood, who played Peter Pan and Wendy, look like now!

Neverland? More like DAMN-HOT-LAND. They promised to never to grow up, so lets all praise our lucky stars that Peter and Wendy DID eventually hit adulthood for no reason other than they’re really flipping fit now…

The 2003 remake of Peter Pan saw Jeremy Sumpter, aged 13, donning his infamous leafy assemble in order to run around with Tinks, stay young forever and get pretty annoyed at Captain Hook (oh and the flying thing, he liked to fly). To limber up for the role, the young Jeremy practised sword fighting for up to five hours a day, as well as training in gymnastics and lifting weights. He was certainly a growing boy- during filming the window of the nursery had to be rebuilt twice because Jeremy had grown from 5 feet tall to 5’8 during. But hey, poor window rebuilding people, lets just be happy he grew up! 

Now he’s hit 26 we can confirm (with absolutely no qualms) that Jeremy is no longer our childhood crush and is instead a certified hotty. He’s had a some other acting stints in a few coming-of-age films such as Calvin Marshall and You’re So Cupid. Oh and he is also out there reminding us that it’s okay to fancy him now, tooootally legal…

Rachel Hurd Wood, or better yet Wendy Darling, became the girl we all wanted to be (chilling with Peter Pan AND having really glossy hair, meanwhile we were still working out if shampoo or conditioner goes first) in 2002 aged just 13 after her Grandparents spotted a casting call looking for a ‘young English rose’. When Rachel and Jeremy finished filming Peter Pan together he gifted her dolphin necklace- boyfriend material since day one.

Now 25, Rachel went on to have a very successful career starring in many acting stints such as Dorian Gray and Tomorrow,When The War Began as well as trying her hand at modelling. Oh, and she’s still incredibly beautiful….  Some people just have it all don’t they?!

I do believe in fitties, I do, I do….

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