New fears for Rihanna after her two-week booze spree


Just as family and friends breathed a sigh of relief over Rihanna taking a break from Chris Brown, the Umbrella singer’s sparked new fears by hitting the town and indulging in ‘reckless’ behaviour.

Rihanna, who’s been estranged from Chris, 19, for the past few weeks after his alleged attack on her, is said to have not only turned to booze and clubbing to drown her sorrows, but is also determined to show the world she’s not a victim by pulling stunts such as her recent ill-advised gun tattoo.

Rihanna’s really mixed up,’ says a source. ‘Because she feels so distressed and helpless about the situation with Chris, she’s trying to take back some control by getting wasted and behaving recklessly. Partying stops her being left alone with her thoughts and depression.’

On a recent night out clubbers in the VIP room of West Hollywood’s Les Deux Café looked on as the singer indulged in a full-on drinking session. ‘Every time a waitress passed with shots, Rihanna would help herself to one. She was drinking them like they were water,’ an eyewitness told Now.

‘She wants everyone to think that she’s over what happened and is getting on with her life, but inside she’s tormented. She often can’t sleep and when she does, she has nightmares.’

But family and friends are hoping that Rihanna, who’s finally co-operating with LA police in the case against Chris, is just having a natural short-term reaction to what happened and will soon get over this ‘bad phase’.

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