Want to know EXACTLY what Rita Ora thinks of this years The X Factor? Well, you came to the right place...

Here’s some unknown Rita Ora facts:

1. When Rita was just sixteen she auditioned in front of Andrew Lloyd-Webber for the chance to enter the Eurovision contest.

2. Before they both became famous, Bruno Mars and Miss Ora had a bit of a thing. A thing she actually labelled ‘love at first sight’.

3. She is one of the judges on this years The X Factor….


Well, of course you did… Because just like us, you’ve been counting down the days, hours and seconds until The X Factor kicks back off. Louis has packed his bags and vamooshed, leaving behind the Kosovonian beauty that is Rita… So what does she have to say for herself?!

How did you joining the show come about?

There’s always been the hearsay of whether or not I’ll do it for the past three or four years. But it was all about timing for me. X Factor is a big deal to me, I wanted to make sure I was ready for it. Simon wanted to meet, the only time he could meet was at midnight.  He told me about all the upcoming changes and what they are doing differently. I’m a fan of it, I always have been.

Was it also helpful that Nick was joining the panel as well this year?

It was a definite bump up in my decision because he’s one of my best friends, so for me, having a best friend on the panel next to me definitely made me think.

You are certainly bringing the sex factor to the series…

I’ll take that! The thing is, even when I am at home, I really play on the flirty thing. I do it as a joke and I think some people think it’s serious. I just do it because it makes them feel uncomfortable. For me, it’s like if you can handle me flirting then you can handle being on The X Factor.

People will be looking to pit you against Cheryl, how do you feel about that?

I actually think for the first time in a long time, that’s not going to happen. I think that once you start watching the show it won’t even be possible. I was grateful that there was another female on the panel, it made me feel more comfortable.

Some of the female contestants have been throwing themselves at Simon, do you mind that?

I understand the power, it’s Simon with his T-shirt and jeans and all that, I get it. But there’s a limit you have to have, a bit of decorum you need to hold. When it crosses over that line I get protective. These judges have started to become really close to me like my family, so I am getting really protective of them.

Can fans expect to see you perform during the live shows?

Yeah! Even if I have to run up on that stage myself. I’d love to. I hope I get to do the duets with the contestant in the final.

Let The X Factor countdown continue!



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