Fashion designer says the Duchess of Cambridge is a woman of her time

French designer Roland Mouret enjoys collaborating with Kate Middleton on her outfits.

‘She’s a fantastic person to work with. She’s a woman of her time,’ he says.

‘She’s very aware of her position and she’s a really nice person. She’s human. It’s really nice to work with someone in her position. It’s…historic, yes.’

Roland made the Duchess of Cambridge, 31, a very sexy white gown – slashed to the thigh – which she wore to Claridge’s last year.

‘I think it was quite fantastic that there was a split up the front,’ Roland, 50, tells the Sunday Telegraph.

‘That picture of a woman when you catch a little of the leg, that’s what you want to see. It’s that notion of privacy.

‘Its something that should be for her husband and she just show a glimpse of it and I think that is one of the most amazing moments of life.

‘You feel happy when you see that. It was not too much.

‘It was with a lot of respect. Yes, I think I did…quite well.’

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Corey Kitchener