Actor says he felt like throwing himself out of window

Rupert Everett has spoken out about quitting the celeb version of The Apprentice – saying it was a ‘ghastly’ experience.

In the Comic Relief special, 48-year-old Rupert was meant to organise a celebrity funfair alongside ex-spin doctor Alastair Campbell and former tabloid editor Piers Morgan.

‘That guy, Sir Donald Sugarbeet or whatever he was called [Alan Sugar], was so hideous,’ Rupert explains. ‘He looks like Sid James.’

And the flamboyant star didn’t feel comfortable around the macho personalities of Piers, 42, and Alastair, 50.

‘Piers Morgan and the other one [Alastair Campbell] had so much testosterone. It was a strange energy, because it invites only competition,’ the actor tells Weekend.

‘It was very emasculating. It made me feel that perhaps I should throw myself out of the window. You have to be this “character” on television.’