Comedian defends Radio 2 phone scandal with Fawlty Towers star

Russell Brand has claimed that Andrew Sachs knew about the rude messages left on his answer phone BEFORE they were broadcast.

The comedian caused a storm last month when he boasted about having sex with the actor’s granddaughter on his Radio 2 show.

He and guest Jonathan Ross were suspended for their ‘utterly unacceptable’ on-air taunting.

But Russell, 33 – who resigned over the controversy – insists it has been blown out of proportion.

‘The grey area is that our brilliant young producer called Andrew afterwards and said: “Is it OK? Can we use it? Do you mind?”’ Russell tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘And he said: “Yeah, but can you tone it down a bit?” So we did. We took out the more personal stuff.’

Jonathan, 47, is expected to return to work in the New Year.

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Alison Adey