The comedian isn't totally in love with LA

After presenting the MTV VMAs, Russell Brand is in demand in LA so is now splitting his time between London and Hollywood.

‘It’s not as magical as I thought,’ he admits. ‘But when I started imagining it, I was only 15 and I thought it would be made out of Lego and that the rain would taste of lemonade.

‘But it’s nicer than living on a south London council estate.’

Russell, 34, has already become pals with David Beckham.

‘I was a little bit star struck when I met him,’ he says. ‘He was really handsome. So handsome that I was like: “Oh, oh, hello…”

‘I haven’t seen him play for LA Galaxy yet, but he’s invited me to go along to a match and I can’t wait.’

The comedian misses watching football at West Ham when he’s away from the UK – and his pussy – so he’s not intending to stay in America permanently.

‘My cat lives in Britain, so I have to come back to London because someone’s got to feed him,’ quips Russ. ‘He’s already struggling on one meal a month. Maybe I should make more frequent trips.’

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