Actress is trying to deal with her grief


Sarah Parish has been left devastated by the death of her eight-month-old daughter Ella-Jayne.

The Mistresses actress, 40, who is married to James Murray, 33, gave birth 5 weeks early by emergency Caesarean in May.

Ella-Jayne had life-saving surgery to correct a heart defect said to be brought on by a rare condition called Rubeinstein-Taybi syndrome.

She was rushed to intensive care again for a further op in the summer.

‘They are both now trying to get through this difficult time as best they can,’ a spokeswoman for the couple tells the News Of The World.

Ella-Jayne died at the couple’s home in Hampshire last week.

Raise money for Ella-Jayne’s charity, Friends of PICU, here>> 

Alison Adey