Did somebody say.... Samelia?!

Ever since the housemates left the CBB house, we’ve been just dying to know what happened next…

Did Jordan Davies ever meet up with that ghost who tried to fight him again? Is Paul Danan still spiking his hair all up into a mohawk? Does Jemma Lucy still think everyone is fake? And are Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson engaged and expecting triplets yet?

We must know.

Well, lucky for us, it would appear we can all rest easy tonight – as we finally have an answer to at least one of these questions.

In fact, Amelia Lily has now revealed *exactly* what is going on with MiC’s Sam Thompson… and things appear to have progressed slightly!

Us right now? Currently looking a lil’ something like this…

So, whilst the pair definitely aren’t expecting triplets (matter of time, folks), things have progressed slightly…

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Amelia shares: ‘We’re friends, we’re hanging out. Who knows what future holds, but he did take me out and it was lovely. So we’ll see how it goes’.

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The lady then added, ‘I honestly don’t know if we have a future, who knows what it holds… But he took me out, and we’re not rushing into anything, so we’ll see’.

And whilst that *does* appear pretty noncommittal from Amelia, she did seem pretty tactful over whether or not the pair had smooched – telling the publication ‘no comment’.

We’re taking that as a yes, tbh.

Speaking of her time with Sam in the house, the X Factor ‘gal then added: ‘The thing is, Sam was very respectful on the show… Its funny because when you’re trapped in the house together its frustrating, as we just wanted to get to know each other on a one-to-one basis’.

Speaking of the tougher times in the house, when it appeared that Sam might not be into Amelia quite like she was him, the ‘gal explained: ‘It’s a very intense environment… if we had kissed I maybe would have panicked but we didn’t as we’re respectful of each other’.

Will Samelia become a thing? Lets watch this space…

Alice Perry