She's a girl after our own hearts! After losing 2st 7lb, Sam Bailey still enjoys a little bit of what she fancies...


They say a little bit of what you fancy does you good so we’re pleased to see Sam Bailey can’t resist tucking into a cheeky sweet treat! And good on her. She’s lost 2st 7lb and three dress sizes since giving birth to daughter Miley last September, but she hasn’t given up on her ‘jam tart Wednesday.’

‘I know it’s not #jamtartwednesday but kids wanted to bake!! #messyfun’ Tweeted Sam, who took photos of her chidren and some friends baking in her kitchen at home in Leicester.

Sam, who was a size 18, has been following the Exante Diet and is now a slim size 12. Last week she even wore a bikini for the first time since 2008 showing off her amazing new figure exclusively in Now.

‘I was very confident on The X Factor, but since having a baby this is the best I’ve been. I’ve put my old size 18 clothes in the bin!’ Sam told us. ‘I’ve been following the Exante Diet, which switches your body into a state of ketosis. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get used to eating better. It’s changed my thoughts about food ­ I’ll have a carvery but no carbs ­ and I’m maintaining my weight with exercise. It’s about balance. If I can do this, anyone can. Stick to it, you’ll see the results.’

She even admitted her ‘sex life has rocketed’ and her husband Craig can’t keep his hands off her! ‘To be honest, we’ve been living in the air. When we went to Barbados in July, it was like having a second honeymoon.

‘When Craig saw some new pics of me, he texted me: ‘You look really hot!’ I replied: ‘Guess who you’re taking out for a carvery tonight?!’ That’s the banter, I don’t send messages, like: ‘I’m going to get naked for you.’ I’ve never sent a pic of my baps to him!’

Blimey… TMI, Sam!

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