She's well and truly over Joey Essex as she talks about tying the knot and having babies with her boyfriend of 11 months


She’d only just split (for the umpteenth time) from Joey Essex when she got together with her current squeeze Paul Knightley last October, but Sam Faiers has well and truly moved on. She’s super-keen to start a family with her Mr Knightley (or should that be Mr Right-ley?) and gushed to OK! magazine that she ‘can’t imagine [herself] with anyone else.’ All together now: Aww!

The couple, who met in Essex, obvs, are keen to make babies – Paul revealed he wants four bundles of joy. Which is good news for Sam, who said while she was still dating Joey last September that she’d like ‘three or four’ babies.

The pair seemed smitten in their interview, with property developer Paul saying ‘it just feels right’ with his girlfriend of almost a year. Perhaps they’ll also go into business together – Sam has a bit of an interest in property herself, having bought her second buy-to-let house last year, just before splitting with Joey. Essex residents – prepare for Sam and Paul to be your landlords one day!

Houses weren’t the first thing on Sam and Paul’s minds, though – although they might need a bigger one if their ideas for a brood of four kids become a reality. As well as their plans for a big family, they also want to tie the knot, with Sam telling the magazine: “I can see marriage as a possibility. To be honest, we talk about kids more than we do about marriage, but as a couple we want the whole package.”

Just too darn cute, aren’t they? And in case that wasn’t enough Faiers baby news for one day, Sam’s sister Billie Faiers spoke earlier this year about her desire for a sibling for 13-month-old Nelly. Blimey, ladies – all these little ones are going to make Faiers family Christmases very busy affairs!

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