Fans rally around the pregnant TOWIE star as she admits to missing her pre-baby bod


Sam Faiers is probably the most glamorous mama-to-be out there, but the TOWIE star has admitted her second pregnancy is taking it’s toll and she is feeling ‘like a whale’, poor lamb.

Taking to Instagram the 26-year-old posted some super glam throw back pics of her ah-ma-zing pre-baby bikini body and captioned it:

‘Literally laying in bed looking back at last summers bikini pics 😩 this last bit of pregnancy really does make you feel like a whale 🐳😂 my face & legs have swollen too 🙀 us poor mums lol ! Oh to feel normal again 🙌🏼👏🏻 #lasttrimester#mumprobs #reminiscing

As any mum out there knows, growing a mini-me inside of you isn’t all ‘glowing-skin’ and ‘luscious locks’, it’s bloomin’ exhausting, so Sam, we get what you mean!  AND to make matters worse, your body often throws in the towel and you swell up like a balloon, just because Junior is taking ALL of your nutrients – the little tyke!


Thankfully though, some of her lovely 1.9 million followers were on hand to keep her spirits up.

While other mums-to-be made her feel a little less alone by saying things like:

‘I’m there also @samanthafaiers 4 weeks to go , I’ve stayed active throughout this pregnancy and still feel like a baby whale, I’ve just had a mini breakdown as I have to walk up a hill for the school run 😭 give us strength!’ one wrote.

‘I’ve just had my first baby and I felt exactly like this at the end! Couldn’t wait to get some level of fitness back! I now walk up and down the stairs normally again rather then feeling like iv just run up Mount Everest lol. You’ve got this @samanthafaiers,’ another added.

Others rallied around her offering messages of support:

‘You still look absolutely beautiful!’ one wrote, while others kept the positive vibes flowing with comments like ‘beautiful with or without your bump.’

And we couldn’t agree more. From where we’re sitting she is still looking amazing! This was just five days ago…

The TOWIE star, who is already a mum to baby Paul, announced she was expecting in July. So far she has kept schtum about her due date but has hinted it will be before her son turns two on 29 December.

Her and partner Paul Knightley haven’t announced whether they know the sex of the baby or not but if it’s anywhere near as adorable as Baby Paul, we’re going to be cooing left, right and centre.