The Mummy Diaries star has a few unhappy fans


Sam Faiers is no stranger to controversy on social media – especially since becoming a mother!

Over the past year, she’s found herself the unexpected target of commentary from strangers, giving her advice on her choices with baby Paul.

However, the most recent drama she’s had to face on her Instagram have nothing to do with her own mothering choices, but more about fashion – as some fans fear that she has taken to wearing real fur items, and not faux fur!

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Sam posted a picture of herself with 10-and-a-half month old Paul Jr during a wintery shopping trip at London department store Harrods on Sunday afternoon (13th November) – and though it’s a lovely picture of mother and son, it has been the source of hundreds of comments in fierce debate…

Christmas has began 🎅🏽🎄 #youbetterwatchout

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Sam can be seen wearing a thick, dark, furry gilet – its size, combined with the fact that she hasn’t identified where the statement is from has lead some to wonder whether it’s real fur. And it’s caused real upset and disappointment for some fans, with one writing: ‘I really hope that’s not real fur! Because I would be really disappointed in you as I always thought you was more intelligent and educated than to wear an animals skin’ [sic] …

sam-faiers-fur-comments-2-blacksam-faiers-fur-comments-blacksam-faiers-fur-comments-3-blacksam-faiers-fur-comments-4-blackYikes. Just the day before, she’d caused a similar storm for wearing a similar furry warmer that many believed was made from real animal fur. While Sam also received some responses from those who were standing up for her choice, the amount of negative responses were plentiful – and in many cases, did not hold back with expressing their disdain.

However, an official spokesperson for the ITVBe star has completely denied that the gilet is made of real fur in the first place, telling Now: ‘The gilet is faux fur, though it’s very nice and does look real!’

Phew! So now that it’s confirmed that no animals were harmed in the making of Sam’s outfit, we can all ogle freely, without any reason for moral dilemmas!