Would you create an Instagram for your tot?


You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Sam Faiers is 100% mum goals.

And heck, baby Paul ain’t half a cutie either!

And, with every update from Sam, we get a teeny bit more broodier.

Yup, nothing like a lil’ post from the super cute mumma-and-baby to hit us right in the feelz…

Sam Faiers

And, whilst Sam’s followers are usually mainly concerned with how flipping cute baby Paul’s chubby cheeks are, it would appear that a recent post from pregnant Sam has caused quite a spark amongst fans!

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The former TOWIE lady had taken to social media to share a snap of her lil’ tot with all one million of her Instagram followers.

The post has asked fans for their opinions on Sam starting a separate Instagram account for the one-year-old – and it has sparked a pretty big parenting debate amongst fans.

Sam writes: ‘I wanted to ask your advice, I have a lot of messages, dms, tweets & comments on Paul most of the time and find it hard to respond, reply to everything. Should I make him a separate account?’.

The Essex ‘gal then adds, ‘I can post and tag outfits, toys, days out etc – like a baby/toddler blog? Comment below. Sam x’.

Some have been very keen on Sam’s idea for Paul to have his own Instagram account run by his mumma.

One user shares: ‘Definitely then he can always look back on it as he grows up’. Another writes: ‘Yes, definitely. He’s absolutely gorgeous’.

One Instagram follower writes: ‘Yes! It’s so brilliant having a separate account to show the world your bubba and to see everyone else’s and compare parenting tips’.

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However, many others have reached out in disagreement to Sam’s idea. One user shares: ‘I’d say no. You are in effect creating a brand out of him. He’s an absolute beauty and you are clearly a lovely mummy but keep him as part of your family and not a separate brand’.

Another writes: ‘I don’t think you should! I dont think he needs thousands of followers on a social media site when he’s so young! If people want to see what he’s been wearing then just post them on your account’.

Agreeing, one user simply shares: ‘No. Time is precious – let children be children’.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the debate. Should Sam make Paul a separate Instagram?

Alice Perry