Sam Faiers reveals she has been suffering 'baby brain'....


She may have only announced  her pregnancy this week, but it looks like mummy-to-be Sam Faiers is already suffering with some pregnancy side-effects.

Unfortunately for 24-year-old Sam, these aren’t the good pregnancy side effects (we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian, don’t be too smug with those ‘pregnancy lips’ over there). Miss Faiers has in fact found herself falling victim to ‘baby brain’.

‘Baby brain’ is the irritating, and sometimes fatal, problem of managing to forget just about everything except perhaps the baby, and all because of your bump. And for those of you who haven’t experienced baby brain, it is a lot like Pizza brain and in the more severe cases, deadly Mojito brain.

Sam took to Instagram to document her first experience of ‘Baby brain’, posting a snap of herself mid-pedi with the caption ‘Left the house in skinny leg jeans, knowing full well I was getting a pedicure- #currentsituation #babybrain’. Sam Faiers posts a snap confessing to be suffering with 'baby brain'

Many were quick to comfort Sam that she wasn’t alone with her ‘baby brain’, with comments reading ’25 weeks pregnant and I barely remember my name lol x #congratulations’, ‘Baby brain will never leave you now!! My excuse for everything!! Congrats xx’, ‘it only gets worse Hun lol. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy x’

The good news ‘baby brain’ hasn’t caused Sam to forget her sense of fabulous style, as the TOWIE star was spotted out for dinner at the Chiltern Firehouse with celeb pal Luisa Zissman last night. Sam Faiers spotted out for dinner with Luisa Zissman on the 27th of AugustMiss Faiers’ first public appearance since announcing her lil’ bun-in-the-oven saw the star pairing a khaki military-style caped coat and a black midi dress with a VERY flattering glow. How is it fair Sam is so glowy already?! *Buries face in a tonne of highlighter*

With six months to go till Sam pops, is it time to start placing bets on baba-names?!

Alice Perry