Former TOWIE star Sam Faiers opens up about her pregnancy so far and how much she's enjoying it and getting her bump out.

Sam Faiers may be 26 weeks into her pregnancy with only a couple of months to go but the TOWIE star has opened up saying she’s only put on ‘just under a stone’… *cries into the empty bag of sweets we bought for trick or treaters*


Is THIS Sam Faiers pregnancy craving?!

The 24 year-old said to OK!: ‘Most of the weight has gone to my tummy area but I do notice it on the backs of my arms – that’s my stubborn area. I’ve not been strict with myself, I’ve just been eating healthy and mixing it up with the desserts I fancy.’

But that’s not the only body change – Sam has also ‘gone up from a 32D to a 34E and Billy says they’re going to get bigger when the milk comes in!’

Apart from her growing bump, the glowing star has had a relatively easy pregnancy. ‘I’ve felt a little short of breath now and then, but nothing major.’

Sam, 24, hasn’t had any morning sickness either -just yummy dessert cravings, *cries a little more* which haven’t even given her baby bump any stretch marks! How lucky!

‘I usually don’t walk around with my bump out – I’m always in my pyjamas.’ But since her bump has grown she finally seems to be enjoying it saying, ‘I like seeing it. I think it’s really sweet finally seeing it popping out. I’ve got something to show now and people have started touching my bump.’

‘Dressing it was hard before because it just looked like I was bloated, but now it’s there I can dress easier.’

Miss Faiers is definitely one of our favourite yummy mummys and we cannot wait to see baby Knightley in possibly a new minnies baby collection?!