First One Direction, then Ed Sheeran, now Sam Smith...wail!


It looks like all the younger generation of pop icons are all in need of a career break, after Sam Smith announced yesterday that he is taking a break from work ‘to actually spend some time dating.’

The unlucky-in-love star, who wrote his debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ about an unrequited crush on a straight man, told ET Online: ‘I’ve been playing now for three years nonstop. And it feels right for me to just go home and live my life — just be a 23-year-old.’

We agree, Sam! So we’ve come up with a bucket list of suggestions for what you can get up to with your time off…

Join Tinder – and get swiping right

Sam has only had one serious relationship: his relationship with model Jonathan Zeizel, which ended earlier this year. He has since admitted to NME that he has ‘commitment issues.’ Gorgeous Sam, who came out when he was ten, must have millions of men dying to date him – but with a tour schedule like his, how can he be expected to have the time to date? We’d love to see him happy and settled down – and hope this break gives him the chance to meet someone lovely!

Hang out with Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ed Sheeran…

Uh oh, is there ANYONE left to sing our favourite song? Adele, there’s a lot of pressure on you to hold up the fort while Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, One Direction AND Ed Sheeran take their planned time off. Meanwhile, we reckon the superstars should take advantage of this gap in their schedules to have some quality time together. OMG – can you imagine if they all took a selfie together?!

Have a cheat day

Having lost over 50 pounds in the past year, we reckon Sam seriously deserves a day on the sofa with some junk food. Everything in modernation, right?

Take some Strepsils

Sam admitted recently on the Graham Norton Show that he ‘almost regrets’ his Writing on the Wall theme tune for Spectre, explaining: ‘It’s horrible to sing. Horrible. It’s just so high. I have to grab my balls.’ Uh-oh! Problem is, the hit Bond tune – the first to reach number one in the UK – is set to score a LOT of nominations over the upcoming awards seasons – so we reckon Sam needs to preparing.  Get icing your tonsils, taking throat sweets, drinking Lemsip…pronto!

Go shopping for a classic James Bond tux – Sam Smith style

Old school-style singer Sam loves a good suit, recently admitting to NME that he is a big fan of the ‘classy and clean-cut’ Bond image portrayed by Sean Connery and Roger Moore. With the aforementioned awards he is set to win, we reckon Sam needs to go out and spend some of his hard-earned cash on the perfect suit!