Actress had a troubled past in children's home

Samantha Morton has revealed she was charged with attempted murder at the age of 14.

The actress, who went into care at the age of three, threatened to kill an older girl at a children’s home.

‘I was physically abused, bullied by someone for a long time, and I retaliated,’ explains Samantha.

‘We were kids, products of a crap environment. But the only person I hurt in the end was myself…

‘There was a riot in the home, a fire. The police were already there, and I’d been tripping and was still a bit out of it.

‘I threatened to kill the girl and picked up a knife. I didn’t touch her – wouldn’t have touched her – but the police restrained and then arrested me. I was locked in a cell for three days.’

Sam, 31, was eventually convicted of the lesser charge of making threats to kill and was sentenced to 18 weeks in an attendance centre.

‘It revolutionised me,’ she tells The Guardian Weekend. ‘I felt humbled, I felt remorse, I felt embarrassed. I felt better than the way I was treating myself…

‘I can be kinder to myself and say there were reasons why, but at the end of the day you can’t justify certain things, you have to grow up and get on with it.’