Her performance in Coronation Street was panned, and now Sarah Harding has been slammed again for miming her new song Threads

Things are not going great for Sarah Harding at the moment. She appeared in four episodes of Coronation Street as Joni Preston, and was slammed by viewers for her ‘cringe’ acting.

She insisted afterwards on This Morning that negative comments don’t get her down and only make her ‘more determined’. She also sounded positive about her new single Threads – but viewers of ITV’s Lorraine weren’t sold on what was only her second live performance of the song (her first was on Irish channel RTE One last week). Well, we say live. Twitter said otherwise.

Sarah appeared to be lip-syncing slightly out of time with the words, and as we all know, the critics of Twitter have no time for anything like that. But there was a time she didn’t lip-sync – anyone remember this?

Sarah can relax in the knowledge, though, that she won’t be the first, and definitely won’t be the last, pop singer to mime. We raided the archives for some of the biggest lip-syncing scandals of modern pop – at least Sarah can rest assured hers was nowhere near as drastic as these.

Justin Bieber

Normally, if someone drops their microphone in the crowd like the Biebs does here, we wouldn’t be able to hear their vocals any more. But Justin’s voice carries on ringing out through the arena even after the mic slips out of his hands. Oops.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

It seems like there was a mix-up somewhere here, when Cheryl sang at the Stand Up 2 Cancer concert two years ago. The backing track starts without her vocals, but Cheryl clearly didn’t think she’d be singing this one live – all we hear from her is a few squeaks.

Lady Gaga

After boldly declaring that she ‘never lip-syncs’, Lady Gaga proceeded to fall over on stage but carry on singing without so much as a hiccup. Now, we’re not saying she was lying, but if we tripped, we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t sound so cool about it.

Ashlee Simpson

The unbeaten lip-syncing winner since 2006 is definitely Ashlee Simpson, whose entire song started without her. When she realised she missed her cue to start miming, she did a little jig before wandering off stage, while her bemused band carried on playing.

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