From a mash-up with Lionel Richie to an irritated Irish man, the parodies of Adele's Hello are coming thick and fast!

It’s only been three short days since the internet went into meltdown after Adele stunned the world with her brand new single Hello – and now the parodies are coming thick and fast!

The Now office haven’t been able to stop giggling this morning at the newest send-up of Hello’s moody black and white music video to hit the net.

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Titled Adele Won’t Stop Ringing Me, it sees an irritated Irish man on the other end of Adele’s phone call – and he’s not impressed that the star keeps calling him!

On the first call, the old man tells Adele, ‘You’ve got the wrong number hun.’

And when Adele calls back and asks ‘can you hear me’, he replies: ‘I can, who is this?’

And finally he loses his temper, shouting: ‘Oh for feck’s sake, is it you again!?’ LOLS.

Of course, the internet were quick to spot that Adele’s new song – which looks set to go straight to number one, smashing records left, right and centre on its way – shares a title with Lionel Richie‘s 1983 hit, and soon an Adele/Lionel mash-up was born…



And the man himself found it so funny that he shared it on his Instagram account, along with this picture…

Adele and Lionel Richie

Kudos, Lionel Richie!

Meanwhile, Katy Perry perfectly captured the entire world’s reaction to hearing Hello for the first time when she shared this snap…


And TOWIE star Gemma Collins shared a meme of Adele’s face with the words: ‘Just when I thought I was emotionally stable again… HELLO.’


Gemma Collins on Instagram

But mostly the internet just couldn’t get its head around the fact that Adele was using a FLIP PHONE in the video.

So we think it’s safe to say that Adele is not only the Queen of Music, but also the official Queen of the Internet right now.