Ghost Whisperer actress shows off slim figure

Jennifer Love Hewitt has lost nearly a stone and a half in ten weeks.

The actress was criticised for gaining weight last year after she was snapped on the beach in Hawaii.

But now she’s determined to get back in shape and show off her super-slim figure.

‘I am in a pretty good workout regime that I like, so it inspired me to keep it up,’ she reveals.

Jen’s personal trainer insists she didn’t hit the gym because of the cruel tabloid reports.

‘With her, it’s not, “I want to look good in that dress,”’ Stevie Sant’Angelo tells Us Weekly.

‘She told me, “They said some rude, mean things, but that’s not why I wanted to change.”’

Jennifer, 29, is engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall, 32.

They met when he made an appearance on Ghost Whisperer two years ago.

Alison Adey