X Factor contestant appears in shocking home video

The X Factor’s Emily Nakanda appears in a controversial YouTube video – apparently threatening to blind a teenage boy in a joke attack.

The baby-faced singer, 15, is seen in the clip laughing with a mate – who’s waving a 6in kitchen knife.

Emily, who refers to herself as ‘Lady Shiverz’, tells the teenager: ‘I will cut your eyes out! Yeah! Cut you!’

The reality show songbird, who was the first 14-year-old to audition for the X Factor, is a pretty outspoken teenager. She bravely defended her choice of song to Simon Cowell on Saturday night.

A spokesman for the show tells the Sun that the video is just harmless fun.

‘The clip on YouTube clearly shows Emily and her friends messing about, although Emily admits this is in poor taste.’

Emily’s video has now been removed from YouTube…

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Hannah Davies