Single mum says TV presenter won't acknowledge his daughter


A woman who claims she has a secret child with John Leslie has blasted him for not supporting her.

Rachel Bentley, 25, who has a 2-year-old daughter Isabelle, fell pregnant after dating the former Blue Peter presenter for over a year.

But she says John abandoned her when she told him she was expecting, claiming she was trying to trap him.

Rachel admits John did send her a mail order DNA kit to establish paternity, but she says she was insulted by his offer.

‘I felt degraded and undermined,’ she tells the Daily Mail. ‘I had no problem doing a DNA test, but I felt that it should be done through the proper channels, not with a kit ordered over the internet.’

She hasn’t had any contact with John, 43, since, despite leaving him numerous messages.

‘I sent him photographs of Isabelle after the birth, [but] heard nothing,’ she says. ‘He maintains that he was a victim; but when it comes to Isabelle he has a choice.

‘Stepping up and taking responsibility as a father is something that he can do, and yet he continues to avoid the whole issue.’

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