But she's too busy to get wrecked. See video of her singing...

Amy Winehouse reckons fame has stopped her boozing.

The Rehab singer gets approached by so many fans when she pops down the pub that she has no time to get drunk.

‘I’m drinking much less than I was before because I’m working so hard,’ she says. ‘I don’t really have much chance to go arse over tit.

‘People come up to me so much that I can scarcely put a drink to my lips. In one sense I miss being able to go out and roll home without anyone taking any notice. But it’s also quite a relief.

‘I know I have this very self-destructive side to me and hard work helps keep that in check.’

The 23-year-old also admits she loses her rag when she is drunk.

‘I do get very angry when I drink a lot,’ she tells Stella magazine. ‘I don’t know why – it just comes out.

‘I think drinking breeds more depression, which breeds drinking which breeds more depression. But when don’t drink I think I’m a perfectly nice girl.’

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