She reckons she lost out because she didn’t have a sob story

Gabby Logan says she’s devastated at being booted off Strictly Come Dancing.

The 34-year-old, a hot favourite to win the show, had to go head-to-head with Penny Stewart, 36, after losing out in the public vote.

This was despite scoring higher points from the judges than some of the other contestants.

‘I am absolutely gutted to have gone out so early,’ says Gabby. ‘I thought if you worked hard and were honest, you’d be OK. Maybe I was wrong.

‘I was getting a real buzz from everything about the show. But apparently my journey isn’t interesting enough.’

Gabby believes she lost out because, unlike injured rival Kate Garraway, 39, she didn’t get the sympathy vote.

‘Maybe I should have played the game a bit more,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘People blame Kate, but it’s not her fault the public keep voting for her. When she came over to say goodbye she had a slightly embarrassed look in her eye.’

See the moment Gabby Logan was voted off Strictly Come Dancing in this video…