Dressed as trolly dollies and airline stewards, they grab victory

Reformed pop group Scooch will sing the UK’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

Viewers voted their song Flying The Flag the best number on the BBC’s Making Your Mind Up show.

Tipped winner Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins had to accept defeat – as did Liz McClarnon of Atomic Kitten.

Scooch – Natalie Powers, Caroline Barnes, David Ducasse, and Russ Spencer – got together in the 90s but split up six years ago. They reformed to take part in tonight’s contest.

‘We’re the Buck’s Fizz for this generation,’ says Russ, ‘pure pop is going to bring the Eurovision back to the UK. We’ve got a catching song, fantastic costumes and a great dance routine.’

Last year the UK was placed 19th so let’s hope we’ll do better in Helsinki, Finland.


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