All's fair in love and war for First Dates' Alex and Georgia


So, one of the top romances on First Dates was between two people who weren’t even set up together: Alex and the jilted Geordie model, Georgia.

Gorgeous Georgia, after her blind date never turned up, was in the mid-stages of drowning her sorrows when Alex arrived. ‘I got stood up’, she tells him, cue look of TOTAL DISBELIEF from the Scouse banking agent. Their conversation was full of flirty giggles, plus a conversation about their romantic types (‘tummy flutters’ for her, a ‘genuinely nice girl’ for him). It was all going so well…until Alex’s ACTUAL date turned up. ‘Oh, has she?’ said Alex. Oops!

He then greeted lovely Heather with those seven immortal words ‘I didn’t even see you come in.’ What. A. Charmer. Meanwhile, Georgia hung around for a while, trying to avoid giving Alex’s date the ol’ strink eye while receiving inspirational advice from maitre d’ Fred Sirieix: ‘Seize the day!

Sadly, when Georgia left, there was no dramatic gesture from Alex to get her to stick around: ‘I thought, ‘no, don’t do it. Don’t be that guy,’ he explained later. But then, in a dramatic plot twist, the unimaginable happened: Heather told hunky Alex that she wasn’t into him! No accounting for taste there…

Now, because love (and savvy Channel 4 television producers) will always find a way, Georgia and Alex have been set up on a date together next week. Will their brief flirtation lead to the full-blown love story it promises? We can’t wait to tune in!

Watch the pair’s romantic meeting below: