Are Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez about to make beautiful music together?

Zayn Malik might have been rubbing some stars up the wrong way lately – see THAT Calvin Harris spat for evidence – but he’s still got some very famous admirers.

The former One Direction star sent fans into overdrive when he started following Selena Gomez on Twitter last week and now Selena has responded with the most amazing invite.

Not only has the 23-year-old American star confessed to being a huge fan of Zayn, 22, but she’s also keen for him to approach her for a collaboration – HOW exciting would that be?!

‘I know Zayn so it’s almost like if he would ever want to reach out, he knows that he could,’ Selena tells Manchester’s Key 103 station.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Good For You singer went on to declare just how much she admires Zayn in no uncertain terms.

‘I think that’s so exciting for him to go and figure out what he wants to do [in his solo career], but I don’t know what that is,’ she says.

‘I think it’ll be pretty exciting but, yes, I love him, he’s awesome.’

She said LOVE, people. That’s a pretty big declaration to make.

The major love-in has caused a huge amount of excitement amongst fans and many have taken to Twitter to air their views about it.

One admirer emotionally wrote: ‘When Selena said that she loves Zayn and he is awesome i just shed a tear bc two faves’

Another took it even further and wondered if Zayn and Selena could start making beautiful music together in more ways than one, Tweeting: ‘what would you do if Zayn and Selena date?’

Erm, we don’t know but we think we’d be very excited about it!

Selena’s praise for Zayn comes after the Bradford-born star started following her on Twitter last week shortly after his split from Perrie Edwards, though Selena admitted during a chat with Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 that she wasn’t aware of it.

‘I had no idea what that was until somebody else asked me,’ she explained. ‘Obviously I know Zayn, though, so it’s not like a weird thing. I just didn’t know who followed me.’

Best get following him back if there’s a future collab on the cards, Selena.

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