America's Got Talent judge gets her revenge on writer who slatted her

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she boxed up her poo and sent it to a critic who insulted her presenting skills.

The TV star was angry when the writer said she wasn’t a great interviewer, so she sought revenge in a typically oddball fashion.

‘[I] spent part of the morning parcelling up some of my excrement to send to a critic,’ she says.

‘I stuck in a note: “I hear you don’t like eating your words. Well, eat this.”’

Sharon, 55, feels her unconventional behaviour is justified.

‘Wait till you’ve earned millions upon millions and are dripping with diamonds and mansions and talent show credits: then you can have a view,’ she tells The Guardian Weekend magazine.

Sharon is a judge on America’s Got Talent and is in talks to produce a new variety show starring her whole family.

Rachel Ingram