Actor is still recovering from hand injury


Shia LaBeouf may never regain full use of his left hand.

The Transformers star’s fingers were crushed during a car accident in September.

And he was forced to undergo two serious operations.

‘I’ve had screws and plates put in,’ he says. ‘They put a screw in one of my knuckles.

‘And they shaved a piece of bone off my hip and made a [bone for my] finger out of it.

‘My middle finger is still crooked as a f**king noodle, so they’ve gotta straighten it out and put a screw in it.’

Shia, 22, admits he was in pain when he returned to the set of Transformers 2.

‘Aside from my hand, I also got 25 stitches making this movie, in various parts of my body,’ he tells Entertainment Weekly.

‘I basically stuck a f**king sharp object through my eyelid.’

Alison Adey