A-list actor Leonardo has broken Gossip Girl star Blake's heart

Blake Lively thought she had Leonardo DiCaprio hook, line and sinker after carefully following dating book The Rules and playing hard to get.

But there’s one person Blake didn’t factor in: Leo‘s beloved mum Irmelin.

The Gossip Girl star, 23, has been left devastated after Leo jetted to Italy with his mother, telling her he needs space.

And Blake‘s pals say she fears it was German-born Irmelin who put the brakes on their romance because she didn’t think the actress was good enough for her only son.

Blake’s a total mess,’ a close friend tells Now.

‘She tried hard to impress Leo‘s mum when they met but Irmelin couldn’t stand her.

‘She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him.

Blake was nervous so she did talk a lot.

‘But his mum says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model.

Leo listens to his mum and the fact that she didn’t like her has put him off.’

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Now cover 25 July 2011

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